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We are currently accepting new clients. We have moved to a new location which can be expanded further if needed.

We use the same size and weight standards as Amazon uses with its FBA program. Individual units exceeding 18 inches on the longest side or greater than 20 pounds in weight will be charged as oversize. Cartons with any side longer than 25Inch or weighing more than 50 pounds will be considered oversized.

You are in control of when you want to ship to Amazon. We can receive products that are sent in from suppliers, and then ship them to Amazon when you are ready. Be advised that storage fees may apply if your products sit for 1 calendar month or more. Contact us for pricing and more details.

Yes, we are located in Oregon, which is a sales tax free state. Businesses should be aware that renting space in a public warehouse located in a state where they otherwise do not have a physical presence, or engaging a common carrier to store and process shipments in such a state, will generally create sufficient nexus for purposes of imposing a sales and use tax collection obligation on its sales (e.g., California). This can lead to sufficient nexus for purposes of other taxes as well. However, Oregon, has an exemption for inventory stored in a public warehouse that is shipped directly to customers outside the state. The average combined sales tax rate in the United States is around 8.5 percent.

We are currently not accepting any Hazmat items which include (Liquids/ Batteries). Stock and Ship reserves the right to refuse any items which can cause safety issues for the staff. If you are not sure if the SKU fall under hazmat category then feel free to Contact us.

The Port of Portland does not allow sea vessels/containers, due to the Longshoremen issue. Importing to Seattle Port or Long Beach Port then freight/rail to our warehouse is the usual option. Shipping to Seattle port is a more cost effective option.

Yes! We can help you split the shipment by sending part of the shipment to Amazon and storing the remaining in our warehouse. We can replenish the FBA inventory as Amazon stock runs low.


  1. Create a removal order and have the items shipped to us.
  2. Send us the PDF file of the new FNSKU of single sheet of 30 labels (if re-labeling is needed).
  3. We receive the inventory and process as per your requirements.
  4. We case-pack all of your products for better storage and outbound shipping rates.
  5. You create the shipping plan, indicating the number of destinations, or we can do this for you.
  6. You finalize the shipping plan and send us the UPS labels, or we generates these for you.
  7. Inventory will be shipped to the warehouses designated by Amazon. We cannot control that unless you have chosen placement services in seller central.
  8. We ship to Amazon.


Receiving, Prep, and Shipping costs will apply. See our pricing page for details.

Yes, we do offer direct to customer order fulfillment (Amazon FBM/MFN 3rd party marketplace, your own ecommerce site, and more). If you are interested, please Contact us

Stock and Ship can assist in creation of Shipment plan or printing of FNSKU if it is mutually agreeable to both parties. The process of creating the shipment will be charged based on the time spent by the staff member creating the shipment. Setting up the permissions may be accomplished by using the Seller Central Rights Manager screen. If this is agreed upon, we will provide detailed instructions on which permissions to select in order to give Stock and Ship access to limited areas of your Seller Central account. Stock and Ship will not be responsible for inventory planning for you. Once you inform us to send the inventory or send us the label we will print FNSKU labels, and assist with the creation and/or finalization of your FBA shipping plans.

We are currently accepting new sellers as well. We can walk you through the process of how you can use our services and keep your costs low.

Under no circumstance can any employee take/ discard / donate / recycle, disposal items and resell them. Also, we will not provide items to any other person or organization (such as a non-profit) without prior written consent from the client. Any damaged or unsellable unit will be disposed or returned to the client per mutual agreement.

Yes. We can help create custom packages with your logo or brand. 

Yes. We do process the return order for many clients. We have processes in place for returns especially it can be challenging if you want to automate the unfulfillable returns for inspections.

We notify you when we’ve received your shipment. We will also inform you if there are any issues with the shipment during our initial inspection or while processing your FBA shipments.